About Abu Dhabi Digital Transformation Summit 2017

Abu Dhabi continues to position itself as one of the leaders in digital transformation in the era of smart government development. The announcement last year by the Abu Dhabi E-Government Supervisory Committee and the Digital Transformation Leadership Team demonstrates this intention of the Government of Abu Dhabi to increase momentum on its quest to improve government performance, optimise service delivery and transform the Emirate into a truly Smart City in line with the Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision of forming a sustainable knowledge-based economy.

The Abu Dhabi Digital Transformation Summit is hosted to support this effort by providing a platform for government authorities leading this drive to interact and engage with key industry partners, stake-holders, local and international ICT experts to demonstrate thought leadership and present case studies on the latest trends and global best practices that will drive the digital government transformation strategy and agenda.

Insights into key transformation projects and planned initiatives will be outlined and presented by respective government entities to highlight opportunities for partnership, cooperation, investment and technology innovation.

Event Objectives:

  1. Supporting the digital transformation drive in the Government of Abu Dhabi
  2. Enabling government departments to improve performance, service and customer experience
  3. Exploring innovative technologies that will advance the Emirate’s smart government
  4. Providing a platform for local stakeholders to meet with international experts, exchange knowledge, expertise and form new partnerships
  5. Identify the challenges facing professionals in their digital transformation and explore effective solutions
  6. Driving automation of internal and inter-governmental processes and operations
  7. Enhancing integration and centralisation of entities across different government departments
  8. Benchmarking and supporting government entities to reach the highest international standards

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